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Gray Kids T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

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Are you wondering what to look for when buying gray kids' t-shirts wholesale or retail at Wordans? Then this guide is for you. Kids’ t-shirts come in different types and designs from different brands, making it confusing when choosing the best. Fortunately, there are several factors you need to put into consideration when making your selection. Continue reading to learn some factors to consider when picking cheap gray children's t-shirts.

Cheap Discounted Prices

Your budget is important when choosing kids' t-shirts for resale or your kids' wardrobe. Wordans offers a variety of kid’s tees with wholesale prices that can be further discounted the more you order. Choose t-shirts with prices within your budget without compromising other factors such as material and style.

Reputable Brands

When making a purchasing decision for any product, especially for the first time, it is crucial to consider the brands. A brand determines whether you can trust the product for reliability and performance. Wordans collaborates with several reputable brands to ensure kids’ gray t-shirts are in stock. Bella + Canvas, Blank Activewear, Core 365, Gildan, Next Level, Rabbit Skins, and Team 365 are some models for children's gray t-shirts. So, look at what every brand offers and decide which to order from.

What Weight to Consider

Do you need t-shirts made of lightweight or heavyweight fabric? That is another thing you should consider when shopping for kid’s t-shirts. Lightweight t-shirts are best in summer and hot weather. At the same time, heavyweight t-shirts are best in winter, autumn, and cold weather. Wordans has kid’s gray tees weighing over 6oz. 

High-Quality Fabric Options

Wordans has kids’ t-shirts made of different materials, including cotton, polyester, well-mixed cotton & polyester and poly/cotton/rayon. The t-shirt fabrics are not created equal; hence, you should research the features of each before making your purchasing decision. For instance, cotton tees are soft, comfortable and breathable. However, it can shrink and wrinkle. While polyester tees are durable, don’t fade, and are resistant to stretching and fading. However, they are not breathable.

The Size

The size is another essential thing to consider when shopping for gray kids’ tees. Wordans stocks kids’ t-shirts in different sizes to suit different preferences. The available sizes for gray kids’ tees are extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Tag Options

There are different tag options in t-shirts, which is one factor to consider when choosing kid’s t-shirts. At Wordans, you can either choose t-shirts that are tagless or tear-away. Tagless t-shirts have heat-sealed labels and are ideal if you do not like the annoying tags. However, tagless t-shirts are not a good choice if you plan to promote your brand by screenprinting your custom labels on the tees. While tear-away t-shirts have hanging tags, they can be pesky. But the good thing is with tear-away tags; you can remove them if you want to promote your brand and screenprint your custom labels.

Wholesale Gray T-Shirts in Any Style

One of the vital factors to consider when bulk buying kid's t-shirts at Wordans is the style. Wordans stocks children's gray tees of different styles. Whether you want long-sleeved, polos, short-sleeved, tri-blend, or performance gray t-shirts for children, you can find them all at Wordans.

Colours for Every Occasion

Wordans offers a wide range of kids’ t-shirts in different colours, from black and white to blue. One of the favourites is gray. Gray tees are neutral and go with every skin tone. Moreover, it blends well with any colour of pants.

If you are looking for customizable gray kid's tees, you can rest assured you will find them at Wordans, an online apparel shop. The tees are available in different colors, sizes, prices, brands, materials, weights, and tag options. Place your bulk orders today at Wordans and benefit from wholesale prices.