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100% cotton Long sleeves wholesale and retail

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100% cotton Long sleeves wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

Other than short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeves are often the second most common wardrobe staples in Canada. After all, long sleeves are adaptable. You can dress them up for semi-formal occasions like social gatherings and dates, or dress them down for your next flight or stay at home sick day.

In either case, there is no need not to be comfortable and stylish. At Wordans, we believe clothes play an important role in one's well-being, so we offer a wide range of wholesale 100% cotton long sleeves. These long sleeve shirts work to make you look and feel good, on your terms - without compromising quality or affordability.

100% Cotton: 100% Natural

Whether you're a consumer, designer, or manufacture, cotton is a popular fabric across the fashion industry. And why shouldn't it be? It's natural, reliable and timeless. Whether for kids, athletes, or professionals, everyone has at least one cotton garment in their closet. Cotton truly is a global phenomenon. Here are a few commonly appreciated benefits of cotton, everyone's favorite classic material:

  • Breathability.
  • Machine washable.
  • Comfort/soft to touch.
  • Absorbability.
  • Durability.

Our Partners, your suppliers

You may be wondering how we ensure the utmost standard of quality to satisfy, if not surpass, your expectations. Well, the answer is we don't. Instead, we selectively partner with the manufacturing suppliers who align with our objective to provide our esteemed clients with high quality clothes without compromising affordability. Many of these brands are familiar to our clientele, not only in Canada, but globally. Check them out:

A variety of Colors, Sizes, and Styles for our cotton long sleeves

Just as no two clients are the same, not two of our W¡wholesale 100% cotton Long sleeves are not the same. We offer a range of colors, styles and sizes so that you don't have to compromise on your wants or needs.

Do you have a colorful or playful aesthetic? Then you may be interested in brighter primary colors such as blues and reds. Looking for a more toned, classic appeal? Check out our darker colors, including our timeless navy, blacks, and whites. And of course it goes without saying - we offer everything in between!

Our sizing also covers the spectrum. Whether you're looking for an XS or 5XL 100% cotton long sleeve shirt, we've got you covered - with every size in-between! These sizes can also be subcategorized by kids, men, women, and unisex sizing for the best fit! After all, we believe everyone has as much right to fit in as they do to stand out.

Finally, no two long sleeves are created equal. We offer a variety of pocket, raglan, and scoop neck long sleeve shirts.

Customization: Make it yours

Want to make your mark? Even though we specialize in wholesale distribution, we don't like to generalize our clientele. In fact, not only do we embrace it, we encourage it! You can create your own design - be it a logo, image, or text - we've got you covered. You can even select how your design is applied - digitally printed, screen printed or embroidered - all of which can be done on the front, back, or sleeve of the shirt.

Are you a reseller? You may also be interested in our tear -away tag options to ensure your brand is the only one visible.

Your next 100% cotton long sleeve shirt

Regardless of what you're looking for or who you are shopping for, we have what you need. Pick a shirt, color, size, style and customize it - all from the comfort of your own home. So what's stopping you? Your next cheap wholesale 100% cotton long sleeve shirt is at Wordans.