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Kids Long sleeves wholesale and retail

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Kids Long sleeves wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

If you run a fashion apparel shop such as a boutique fashion retail shop or sell online, Wordans has quality blank long sleeves appeal for kids. We are a reputable seller of cheap kids long sleeves to buy in bulk across Canada and beyond that covers the clothing needs of children of various ages. Please check the options in the store in the description below.

Cheap Kids Long Sleeves Apparel

You can buy wholesale bulk kids long sleeves in different styles, depending on your children’s preferences. You can choose the options on our website according to the needs of your target customers, as explained here.

A choice of Several Fabrics

Different fabrics serve different applications.Taking into consideration the playful nature of children, some of them would need breathable fabric to absorb the sweat when they are playing outside. Some might apparel that can be customized, while others might prefer a material that is easy to maintain or warm. We understand this and have brought several options for your market.

Some of the popular fabric options for kids long sleeves include cotton, polyester, and blends of these at different percentages. The fabrics have been pre-shrunk to ensure that the material does not get too small once you wash them at home. Cotton and its blends are easy to maintain and highly absorbent, allowing the kids' skin to quickly dry when they play or run.

Your customers can customize the fabrics as they wish with ease. This is the reason we offer blank apparel.

A Choice of Various Styles

Our kids' long sleeves' offer in Canada comes in so many different styles that will excite your young ones. You can pick such styles as crew neckline, raglan style, hooded, and dual material and color baseball long sleeves. We recommend you pick different styles to provide several options for your target market.

Wholesale long sleeves apparel for every kids

Our kids long sleeve apparel covers children of different ages and bodies to ensure safety and ease of wearing. You can order apparel in sizes ranging from extra small to small, medium, large, and extra large. Therefore, our apparel can fit children up to the teenage years. If you target this market, order various sizes to increase your market reach. Our apparel can be worn by both children’s genders comfortably. Our meticulous choice of colors and styles appeals to the preferences of any child out there.

Pick from an Amazing Choice of Colors

We believe that quality apparel should also look good. Therefore, we offer our kids long sleeves in various color choices. You can choose from over five color choices, ranging from black, charcoal, white, royal blue. We also have some dual color choices to excite the outgoing among your children. These colors are available across the various styles and fabric choices that we have offered on the site. Please pick a mix of colors to cater to different customer needs.

The best brands for the best results at wholesale prices

Some of the leading brands make our apparel in the market. Therefore, we are confident that you will offer clothing that your target customers will love. We have a team that looks at the quality of items that we offer for sale and checks any batch before it leaves for the customer.

Some brands that supply our apparel include Next Level, Gildan, and Champion. Each of them is a reputable brand that is recognized by customers across Canada.

All our kids long sleeve options are double needles stitched throughout for added strength. The clothing has also been taped shoulder to shoulder and the cuffs are ribbed. Besides, we sell clothing that is CPSIA tracking label compliant.

Wordans offers quality bulk kids long sleeves to apparel sellers across Canada. We have a wide collection of various options that will definitely excite your target market. Please visit our website to view the items and order the ones that best define your customers.