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Gray Women Long sleeves wholesale and retail.

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Gray Women Long sleeves wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Gray is a very flexible color for clothing, being able to match well with black, white, other shades of gray, and even brighter colors such as blue, red, or purple. Our women’s gray long sleeves selection has a variety of options which are flexible enough to be worn casually, professionally, or even as part of a uniform. Being a shade between black and white, the color gray is often associated with diplomacy, understanding, and compromise; values that can be appreciated in all situations.
As with our other products, our grey t-shirts are available individually or in bulk, meaning they can be a cheap and economical solution for whatever requirements you have.

Fabric Options

We have shirts available in 100% cotton, poly spandex, and poly-cotton-rayon blends, allowing you to select the one which meets your needs best in terms of both style and comfort. Cotton is a popular choice as a durable and all-natural fabric, but all of the fabric options we offer have their own advantages. Poly spandex is also soft and durable and tends to be more fitted, and makes an ideal choice if you’ll be engaging in physical activity in colder weather. Poly-cotton-rayon clothing is also known for its comfort but tends towards a looser and more relaxed fit.
Of course, if warmth is a priority, you may want to consider some of our other long-sleeved options such as our women’s cotton fleeces and sweaters. These still give you the benefits of pure, high-quality cotton but are easy to layer with other clothes and have a higher emphasis on conserving heat.

Many Style Options

Our women’s gray long sleeves collection includes a wide range of options in terms of shade, sleeve length, and neck style from popular and well-established brands such as American Apparel, Gildan, Devon & Jones, and North End. As well as the traditional, full-length sleeves which are typically associated with long-sleeved t-shirts, we also have a number of shirts with three-quarter-length sleeves, offering an alternative and often more casual look. We also stock a large number of women’s short-sleeve t-shirts in grey and many other colors.
In terms of neck style, we have round, scoop, and v-necks, as well as options with buttons, which can make a shirt look slightly more formal or provide an extra fashionable flair. We even have a two-tone gray offering from Next Level for the ultimate casual look.

Cheap Customization Options

Several of our women’s gray long-sleeve t-shirts are customizable, including the two-tone option mentioned earlier. This gives you the freedom to really make them your own by adding names, logos, or any other design you want on them. These designs can be screen or digitally printed, or alternatively embroidered directly onto the fabric. Depending on the shirt chosen, the design can be added to the front, the back, or the sleeve of the shirt.
These options allow you to have the exact t-shirts you want, whether that means giving clear and consistent branding for your organization, or just proudly showing your own style and interests. Our selection also includes customizable gray unisex t-shirts, meaning your entire family, team or organization can be matching.

Wholesale Availability

As with all of our clothing, our women’s grey t-shirts are available to buy individually or in bulk. Being able to purchase in wholesale quantities means that we can support you whether you’re kitting out a large team or providing promotional shirts for a big event. If you’re not sure exactly which of our options will be best for you, or you have anything else you need to discuss, you can always contact us and we’ll be happy to help.