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Wholesale T-shirts in Oshawa

Wordans: your best wholesale T-shirt provider in Oshawa

At Wordans, we offer the best quality price ratio on all apparel products on the market. So if you run a retail business based in Oshawa, we’re the ideal wholesale T-shirt provider for you! At Wordans, you can choose to buy your products in bulk and save up a considerable amount of money and time. And if you ever only need a few pieces of apparel and do not need to buy a considerable amount, you can also choose to purchase garments in units. Whichever your needs may be, we are flexible and can easily adapt to your provision needs.

Cheap & Quality t-shirts

Not only do we offer the best prices on the market, but we also offer the best quality for the cheapest price! All our garments were specifically chosen for their durability with your long term satisfaction in mind.

A diverse brand catalog to choose from

At Wordans, our products come from over 40 brands. Whether you’re a retail business looking for garments to resell or someone who is simply looking for a stylish uni color T-shirt, you can choose the pieces you prefer from a large variety of different brands. Alstyle, American Apparel, Comfort Colors, Gildan, Next level, Harriton, Champion… These are just a few of the brands you can find at Wordans.

Cheap Tee-shirts for all activities in Oshawa

Do you run a sports wear retail? An everyday wear retail? In either situation, with Wordans as your wholesale T-shirt provider in Oshawa, you can order t-shirts suitable to both occasions for your business! Our T-shirt collection includes T-shirts for sports activities, for everyday wear and workwear. Each of these T-shirts are specially designed and made to suit your retail sectors.

For those of you who run a sports retail, our T-shirt fabrics have moisture wicking properties for your physical activities, are breathable and stretchy to enable you to move with ease during your sessions. Some models are also made of antimicrobial properties in order to limit the growth of odor-producing bacteria during physical activity.

As for our day-to-day wear collections, our t-shirts are comfortable to wear and easy to care. Some also have anti-wrinkling and snag resistant fabrics to prevent your clothing from threading when rubbed against surfaces.

Style and fabric variety

From long to short sleeves, polos to T-shirts, ringer necks to crewnecks, you’ll find a wide array of choices to find the perfect pieces to order for your retail business in Oshawa.

Our T-shirts also come in a variety of fabrics. You can choose from cotton, polyester, spandex, pique cotton, jersey cotton as well as blends like 50/50 cotton poly, poly, cotton and rayon, or poly and spandex.

Customizable fashion

If you think that’s all there is to Wordans’ wholesale T-shirts, this is where we surprise you with the best part. At Wordans, all your T-shirts are customizable to create the perfect pieces you’ve been dreaming of! So if you are a company looking to find some customizable wholesale T-shirts in Oshawa for an upcoming corporate event, then Wordans is the right T-shirt wholesaler for you. And if you are simply someone who has always dreamed of designing their very own custom piece, know that you can too! At Wordans, our wholesale T-shirt services are not only limited to businesses, they extend to individual customers in Oshawa as well!

You can have your T-shirts embroidered or printed on with the logos, images, quotes or patterns of your choice and decide where you’d like to have these graphic elements placed on your T-shirt. You can have them placed in the middle, top or bottom of your back just as well as you could choose to have your element added to the front side or shoulder areas of your piece. You can also choose the colors of your garments among our selection of hues.

After discovering all these features and benefits, how could you not choose Wordans as your T-shirt wholesaler in Oshawa?

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Awesome Customer Service by Mig by Bhanu Nepal
Wordans customer service executive Mig was exceptional. I had ordered T-Shirts but turned out they were the wrong size. I requested for a return, but since the return policy states that shipping charges must be borne by the customer, I was a little hesitant to initiate the return. However, Mig understood my situation and managed the return process so well that I'm now a permanent patron of Wordans. Great prices, good quality product, exceptional customer service, and awesome experience. Five stars!!
Great T-shirt by Carl Kaehler
I like Gildan material and fit, as do my clients. Wordans are always fast in filling orders. I'm very satisfied.
Polo Shirts by Judith Gillatt
Excellent quality and service. The polos fit perfectly.
Perfect by Rebecca Gosling
Super soft, great compliments of quality.
Perfect by Rebecca Gosling
Super soft, great compliments of quality.


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