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Backpack Bags wholesale and retail

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Backpack Bags wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

The backpack has become a must-have in our daily life. Practical, comfortable and trendy, it is the final touch that enhances our outfits. Whether you are a student or a sports fan, the backpack is your best ally for carrying your belongings during all your outdoor activities. Wordans invites you to find the rare pearl that will accompany you in all your daily adventures.

Professional, urban, school or leisure backpack, Wordans is the cheap wholesaler that will meet all your needs for all occasions. Whatever your profile, Wordans has the solution. Our wide range of quality trendy backpacks will meet your requirements. At Wordans we want to offer you accessories with the best value for money. The satisfaction of our customers is part of our commitments and we remain at your disposal for any questions related to our products.

Backpacks to order in bulk or individually

Wordans is a specialist in the trade of textile products at wholesale prices. Depending on your activity, you will need to order more or less large quantities of backpacks. Wordans adapts to your needs and makes any order possible. Whether you choose to order individually or in bulk, the quality of our products at the best price is our priority.

Wordans seeks to meet your expectations by offering quality products regardless of quantity. You can order the quantity you want. If you choose to order in bulk, you will be able to benefit from decreasing prices which can go up to 35% less in fast delivery. At Wordans, you will be able to reconcile quantity and quality, at advantageous prices.

Our key word is transparency. Thus, you will be able to find all the information related to stocks in each of our warehouses for the backpacks we have.

Cheap quality bags suitable for all occasions

You will have the choice between more than twenty brands of bags of all kinds. Since we seek to offer you the best products, at the best prices, we ensure the quality of our suppliers. You can find brands such as Champion; North End or Puma. Wordans is the guarantee of a wide variety of inexpensive backpacks suitable for all events.

By choosing Wordans, you will save money without neglecting quality. To place an order, you can directly consult our website or request a quote. It is on our site that you will find the best brands of backpacks at the best prices.

A multitude of customizable bags according to your tastes

Beyond its wide variety of backpacks, Wordans offers you many options: organic, recycled, labelless, tear-proof label and even a personalization service. You can choose between different materials: polyester, cotton, nylon, wool, recycled materials. There are also more than 10 different colors available: purple, blue, black, grey and other colors that will brighten up your outfits with trendy and modern backpacks. You even have the option of selecting certain features such as the presence of pockets or zippers to find the combination you like.

Wordans is the reference for providing you with resistant, adjustable and comfortable backpacks. Do not hesitate and come to discover our offers on our website. You will find a wide choice of cheap backpacks suitable for all occasions to accompany your outfits.