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at Wordans Canada

Wordans athletic wear stocks cater to men, women, boys, and girls searching for a combination of performance and style. Our cheap bulk dress athletic wear is appropriate for people who just want to work out or train, and competitive types who are prepared to do everything that they can to win.

If you are searching for some form of edge, the wholesale dress athletic wear in our stocks will help you achieve some of those goals. Here are a few compelling reasons why.

Cheap Dress Athletic Wear at wholesale prices

Our Tops Are Lightweight And Keep You Dry. At Wordans we have ladies' performance T-shirts that are made from 100 percent polyester, which means they have exceptional moisture-wicking properties.

Wordans performance T-shirts like this are great for joggers, tennis players, squash players, netball players, basketball players, and soccer players. Women competing in or training for any sport that will require them to work up a bit of sweat will love cheap dress athletic wear from Wordans.

While all of our short-sleeved performance T-shirts are outstanding for training and competing in warm and humid conditions, some of you might find a little more comfort in wearing our long-sleeved performance T-shirts. Wordans long-sleeved T-shirts also have moisture-wicking properties.

However, the polyester fabric is particularly useful here because it means your top will be a lot lighter. Having a lighter long-sleeved top invariably means that you can shield sensitive skin from harsh sunlight (or UV) while training, without ever feeling like your own energy and performance are being sapped. This provides an incentive to train and compete harder and for longer.

We also have quarter zip tops that are made from 100 percent polyester. Not only are these tops light and great for moisture-wicking, but they also provide an additional avenue for ventilation or breathability in a very hot environment. Because they are also long-sleeved, they offer UV protection.

Our Bottoms Promote Free Movement and Comfort

At Wordans athletic women can purchase track trousers that are elastic, which allows you to be a lot more flexible when you are stretching, and even when you are competing. A compelling feature of our track trousers is that they are also designed to protect you from UV sunlight and moisture, ticking off two boxes at once.

Wordans bulk dress athletic wear can never be complete without the availability of short pants though, which we have in abundance. We have athletic shorts that are made from a healthy blend of polyester (for the main body) and rayon (which makes up the side panels).

These shorts are invariably going to be lightweight, which reduces strain on your body and muscles while working out. However, the rayon component will also ensure that the shorts are super absorbent, accounting for any moisture that has not been wicked by the polyester.

The thing with shorts is that moisture dripping down your back, sides, front, face, and head all collect at your shorts. That is why the combination of polyester and rayon is so important.

We also have mesh shorts in our stocks, which promotes breathability, regardless of what you are doing. These shorts are great for activities like jogging, running, and hiking. If you are on vacation in some kind of tropical paradise, these are also the shorts that you want to have somewhere in your suitcase, before you go trekking around the local towns and cities, checking out the sites.

Order your Dress Athletic Wear in bulk with Wordans

The cheap dress athletic wear at Wordans is always trendy. Our tops are available in standard cuts, crew necklines, tapered fits, double-needle hems, v-necks, quarter zips, full zips, sleeveless, and three-quarter sleeves. All of these designs promote style while never compromising on practicality.