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Ringer T-Shirts wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

A ringer t-shirt, a piece of clothing that should be in everyone's closet. It is accessible for multiple occasions, for young and old, for men and women. There are endless possibilities and easy to purchase from our wholesale ringer t-shirts. Read more about the product range of  Wordans, a wholesale company in Canada. The ringer t-shirts come in two sets of colors. A solid color over the body, and a second color at the opening at the neck and arms. In addition, you can customize these colors as well. Do you prefer a red, blue, or gray color on the openings of the arms and neck? That is possible. Also, if you want the large area in a different color, this is an option as well. In addition, if you are a fan of such t-shirts and are not sure which color you want, you can also buy more of them in different colors. Since Wordans is a wholesaler, you can buy our ringer t-shirts for cheap. This way, you can keep alternating the colors.

Buy your ringer t-shirt in bulk for your business

Our t-shirts will come blank. Furthermore, some of the items also come with removable tags. This makes the products a perfect item for reselling. Do you have a clothing business, or do you want to sell personalized shirts? You can buy ringer t-shirts in bulk at our wholesale, and design them yourself. You can print your own cool design, a text, the name of your company, or the logo of your company. There are endless possibilities.

As mentioned before, our t-shirts come in multiple colors, therefore, you can adapt your design to our colors. To be sure, whether your design will fit the colors, we added the color codes of the t-shirts in the product description.

Our cheap ringer t-shirt are suitable for all

Are you looking for a ringer t-shirt for men or women? At Wordans, we have both. And if you'd rather not choose between a men's or a women's size, we also sell unisex products. From size xs to 3xl. We added a size chart in the product details, so you can get the best idea of which size fits you best.

When to wear a ringer t-shirt ?

A t-shirt is timeless, and it can be worn on many occasions. Since these ringer t-shirts come in a solid color, you can easily style them for formal occasions. For example, wear a smart jacket over it or a pair of neat pants under it, and you will be ready for your workday in no time. A t-shirt is very comfortable, so you can wear it at home. Wear it under your favorite tracksuit, for example, and you will be ready for a relaxing evening or you will be ready for the gym. Or buy our ringer t-shirt in bulk, and design a t-shirt for your whole football team, a bachelor party, or a family trip.

The other option is to dress up a t-shirt and wear it to a party. For example, by putting a flannel over your t-shirt, and putting on a nice pair of jeans, you can look smart casual, and ready to party. In other words, there are so many occasions for which you could need a ringer t-shirt. To conclude, at our wholesaler, there are many different colors of ringer t-shirts available. Furthermore, our products are ideal for reselling due to our removable tags, our ringer t-shirt being cheap, and the possibility to print your own logo on the shirt. Do you want to have a t-shirt for personal use? Then enjoy countless opportunities to wear it on different occasions. 1 t-shirt equals more than 5 different outfits!