Men Crewneck Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

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Men Crewneck Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

In the purchase of clothing, comfort has always been a key consideration. Besides the comfort, crewneck sweats and fleece provide just enough warmth, thus making them perfect for chilly days. Even better, they are versatile, and you can layer them under a coat for any event. At Wordans, we pride ourselves in stocking a wide variety of apparel, including men crewneck sweats & fleece in retail and wholesale. Here is why you can trust us.

Get Unmatched Variety

As highlighted, we value variety and endeavor to bring you the best options in the market. Whether you want a comfortable or stylish crewneck, you can get it at Wordans.


The men crewneck sweats & fleece at Wordans are available with moisture-wicking treatment. This means they promote efficient evaporation to regulate the wearer’s body even in hot weather. It helps enhance the comfort and protects the body from overheating. Besides the comfort, our moisture-wicking crewnecks are lightweight, breathable, and quick to dry.


Our range of crewnecks for men comes in various fabrics. This allows you to choose what works best for your organization’s wearers. For instance, while cotton is a highly comfortable clothing, some people may not like it. If you are getting them for a determined group of people, you can select the ideal fabric depending on their preferences. For an undetermined group, mix up the fabrics to cater to a diverse range. Some of the options include:

  • 51-79% cotton.
  • 50% cotton – 50% polyester.
  • Rayon blend.
  • 80% cotton – 20% polyester.
  • >80% cotton.
  • 50/50 cotton-poly.
  • 60/40 cotton/polyester.


The diversity of men crewneck sweats & fleece at Wordans extends beyond fabrics and brands. We know that bulk purchases are meant for large groups. When buying for yourself, you can easily pinpoint the size that will fit you best. However, you need various sizes for a large group, as no two bodies are similar. The sizes you will find on our website include:


Colors are huge identifiers and offer significance to organizations and brands. For instance, white clothing indicates simplicity, goodness, and purity. Blue, on the other hand, indicates peace, loyalty, and bouts of freshness. If your brand identifies with blue, you probably want to get blue crewneck sweats & fleece for the men in the campaign or organization. Our color catalog extends to lighter and deeper shades so you can get what you desire. They include:


As a wholesale shop, we know what having your most beloved brand means. We know some people are loyal to particular brands for their comfort and prestige. As such, we have widened our variety of crewneck men sweats & fleece to suit your preferences. Our range includes the newest to the most established brands in the market. The list of brands includes:

Get Cheap Men Crewneck Sweats & Fleece from Wordans Today

Are you ready to order your men’s crewneck sweats & fleece from Wordans? Well, we can assure you of the best prices in the market. We have partnered with the best sources and assure you of quality men’s crewneck sweats and fleeces without compromising your budgeting.

We know how tough it can be when making bulk men crewneck sweats & fleece orders for your organization and teams. Following this, we offer discounts and deals for our men crewneck sweats & fleece wholesale orders. We’ve got you covered.