Gray Fleece Jackets wholesale and retail.

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Gray Fleece Jackets wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Fleece is an extremely popular material for outerwear; offering a unique synergy of comfort and protection from the elements. Wordans offers a wide range of gray fleece jackets and as these are provided at better-than-average wholesale prices, why look anywhere else?

What qualities have come to define this category over nearly a decade since our brand was first launched in 2017? Are there any specific benefits that B2B buyers can expect to enjoy? Let's take a look at the answers to both of these relevant questions.

The line of gray fleece jackets in bulk offered by Wordans

Why is fleece such a sought-after fabric? The most obvious reason involves the levels of form-fitting comfort that it provides to the wearer. However, you might be surprised to learn about its additional benefits. Fleece offers excellent thermal properties. This signifies that the wearer will remain warmer for longer periods of time (a logical concern when taking into account Canadian winters).

Fleece is also quite stylish and it is currently featured within many modern wardrobes. It therefore makes perfect sense that Wordans customers have dozens of jackets to choose from. When we then remember the competitive price points that have come to define Wordans, little is left to the imagination.

Wholesale gray fleece jackets boasting modern features

Our line of gray fleece jackets for women and men is known for much more than style alone. Although the history of fleece can be traced back for centuries, a handful of contemporary innovations have allowed our jackets to rise to the top of their game in terms of functionality.

For instance, Wordans is pleased to offer a selection of Ash City Journey Core 365 fleece jackets that are equipped with a plethora of hidden amenities. These include anti-pill fabric, tricot-lined lower pockets, and an extra-thick chin guard (always a nice touch when dealing with harsh winter winds).

When generic solutions no longer suffice

Must wholesale jackets always be tagged with terms such as "generic" and "common"? This is certainly not the case when working with the team of professionals at Wordans. Our gray fleece jackets are a far cry from one-size-fits-all solutions. As every customer is different, why not instead offer numerous wholesale solutions? Some of the metrics that can be selected include:

  • Size. (between XS and 5XL)
  • Fabric blends (including polyester fleece and spandex)
  • Garments specifically designed for performance.
  • Accessories such as zippers.
  • Brand (more on this in the next section)
  • Price range.

It is likewise possible to choose from additional colors such as white, black, blue, red. and green.

Gray fleece jackets for men and women: one-click convenience

We aim to make it simple for customers to find exactly what they are looking for. Clicking on the image of any gray fleece jacket will provide additional details such as its features, the type of fabric, sizes, and the price. Why make things any more complicated than they have to be?

When branding counts, look no further than Wordans

Whether you are a fan of Columbia, Marmot, North End, or CX2, we have your needs covered. Wordans believes that becoming the best in the wholesale industry dictates that we partner with equally reputable manufacturers.

Perhaps you are also looking to compliment our line of gray fleece cheap jackets with other products such as hoodies, sweat shirts, or even soccer jerseys. You will be quite pleased with what is in store, so feel free to contact us directly.