Black Fleece Jackets wholesale and retail.

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Black Fleece Jackets wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Black is perhaps the most preferred colour for outfits. Most people love it because it gives that sleek and flattering effect. Others say that it minimizes your efforts in selecting outfits, thus saving time. When it comes to black fleece jackets, they are more versatile than their pastel colour counterparts and can be dressed in various ways. This makes them a great choice.

But with the many providers, it is easy to get stranded in your decision-making. Well, not anymore! Wordans is here to help clear your mind. We are an online apparel shop that stocks a wide range of black jackets that you can choose from. Here is why you can trust us!

Order Black Fleece Jackets Wholesale

As we stated earlier, we are an online store that deals with clothing and accessories on a wholesale scale. We understand how pricey it can be to get black fleece jackets on wholesale. For this reason, we offer discounts on black fleece jackets bulk orders so that it is all affordable for you.

To place your order, visit our website, select your desired items and enjoy the benefits. In case of any issues on the site while placing your order, get in touch with us via email!

A Rich Selection of Fleece Jackets in Black


At Wordans, we understand the importance of having choices when it comes to black jackets. While most people wear them on top of other clothes, some body parts may be in direct contact with the outfit, thus the need for comfort in the material.

While on our site, you get to choose black jackets based on materials such as poly fleece, polyester, and poly spandex. This ensures that everyone gets the most comfortable option.

Gender and Sizes

When buying black fleece jackets for your employees or a promotional event, you may be conflicted about the options to choose, especially in regard to gender. At Wordans, we strive to be gender inclusive and have men, women, and unisex fleece jackets.

The sizes you choose for the black jackets will determine how comfortable the wearer is. Since body sizes and features are different, you will need to acquire different sizes for your organization. In a bid to be more inclusive, we have a variety of sizes starting from XS to 5XL. This allows you to choose a number of jackets in each category to cater to different preferences.


Brand loyalty is just as important as size or gender. If you have been buying black jackets from a particular brand, we wouldn’t want to be the reason you change. Due to this, we stock black fleece jackets in different brands, including:

If you are purchasing for a promotional event, you can always mix them up and gauge the ones you love most.

Additional Features

Additional features such as zippers and pockets make all the difference in the convenience of the black jackets. For instance, if you are buying for people who often have to carry items, then those with pockets will suffice. On the other hand, if your staff members constantly have the jackets on and off, the zippers will come in handy. The kind of features you choose come down to the environment in question.

Get Black Fleece Jackets Cheap

We can confidently say that we are the cheapest online apparel store across the globe when it comes to wholesale orders. We ensure that you get cheap rates for high-quality fleece jackets from some of the most reputable brands.

To facilitate affordability, we have a price filter feature that enables you to get black fleeced jackets on your budget. Visit our website today and place your order for fleece jackets.