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M T-Shirts wholesale and retail

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M T-Shirts wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

The Versatility of Wholesale Medium sized T-shirts

Whether it's summer, winter, fall or spring, there is perhaps no single article of clothing more versatile than a T-shirt. More to the point, of any size, there is perhaps no size more widely applicable than a size medium. That's why at Wordans we offer the best wholesale medium-sized t-shirts at affordable prices. The best part? The more you buy, the less you pay. 

The highest standards at the lowest prices

At Wordans, we recognize that our specialty is to connect you with the best manufacturers. That's why we partner with brands, you know: 

With their products and our services, we are able to offer the most efficient, affordable, and reliable services at the lowest prices without compromising quality. Ultimately, we aim to give you the biggest bang for your buck. 

A medium shirt tailored to your needs

Despite specializing in bulk sales, we recognize that everyone has unique needs and wants. As such, we make sure to provide options that allow you to tailor our products as needed. 

Colors of wholesale medium t-shirts 

Maybe you're looking for a classic white T-shirt to go with a pair of your favorite worn in jeans and shoes. Or maybe you want a black shirt to accompany a toned down, minimalistic look. In either case, color can play a significant role in completing your outfit. As such, we strive to offer a large range of color options across the spectrum. Make sure to browse our green, blue, red, and gray shirts before making a final decision. 


An often overlooked feature, we make sure to pay attention to how our products are made. After all, it is the fundamental metric in establishing quality. The fabrics we offer vary in material (e.g.cotton, rayon, polyester etc.) and in composition, as we offer mono fabric options, as well as dual and try blends. 

Select Features 

A good shirt can go a long way, but if you know your shirts will be going through rigorous activities, it's best to be prepared. Details matter - to us and our clients. That's why we made sure to include details curated for the most demanding situations. If you're looking for a shirt to wear under the hot, beating sun of summer, we recommend our UPF-sun protection medium shirts. In fact, if you expect heat - be it dry or humid - we suggest exploring our moisture-wicking options. 

And while these moisture-wicking shirts also work well in the context of workouts, we take athletic features a step further. Check out our Performance and anti-microbial medium shirts for maximum comfort and durability. 

To top it all off, the most convenient shirts are the ones that you don't have to think about, just wear them and wash them. With our easy care selection of medium shirts, you'll be able to wear them, wash them, and forget about them. How easy is that?

More than Medium 

Despite being the most versatile size, our Medium shirts can be further varied by female, unisex, male, kids, and infant sizes. So, whether you're buying in bulk for use or resale, you're likely to accommodate the most people by buying medium. 

Outfit Ideas

Pair your next medium t-shirt with a hoodie or crew neck from our sweats and fleece selection, or one of our jackets for some extra protection. 

Medium shirts, small costs

At Wordans we want you to look and feel your best for any and every occasion. That's why we offer an array of stylized, high quality, durable shirts for every and any day of the week. Browse our affordable wholesale medium-sized t-shirts today. 

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