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M Jackets wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

In a country like Canada, with such distinct four seasons, it is important to be appropriately dressed for a wide variety of weather and temperature. In just one day, temperatures can drop or dramatically rise, and the skies can turn from bright blue to dark gray. 

When these situations occur - as they often do - it is important to have a jacket. Jackets are a piece of apparel that can easily make or break your day - especially if you have important plans (i.e. social gathering, date) or you have an important business meeting that requires you to appear professional. In either case, we at Wordans recognize the importance of a good, reliable jacket. So we offer a wide variety of wholesale medium-sized jackets. 

Medium: the most versatile size

Medium is a great size because it's often the average, especially when you consider that our selection of medium-sized jackets can be further subdivided by women's, unisex, men's, and kids categories. So if you're a reseller, medium is bound to be a popular choice because it caters to such a wide range of people. 

That said, no one knows your clientele like you. So if you're just staring out, we recommend medium-sized jackets to see what your customers like, but if you know or anticipate needing a wide range of sizes, we certainly offer a wide range of jacket sizes (XS to 6XL).

Our Brand partners

Given the wide range of use and demand for jackets, it is no surprise that we partner with many brand suppliers. Each manufacturing brand is held to a high standard in design, materials, aesthetic, and durability. They supply the product, and we take care of everything else. Taking you one step closer to your goals without having to waste any extra leg work. Check out our jacket brand suppliers below: 

A Jacket for everyone, every day

At Wordans, we recognize that having just one jacket is not enough. After all, a spring downpour is not the same as a winter snowstorm. So we offer a wide selection of jackets for every season, day, and activity - planned or unplanned, you can rely on our jackets. 

If all you're expecting is wind or some light rain, we recommend our windbreakers and rain jackets. For colder, winter conditions, we recommend checking out our insulated jackets, body warmers, and down jackets.

Looking for sleeveless jackets? We have those too, you may also like our vests

Special Jacket Features

Just as there are a broad range of jacket designs available, there are also a wide range of features. If you're looking for a jacket that can keep up with you on your next ski trip, jog, or commute, we offer a wide selection of performance jackets. If you're expecting the possibility of rain, hail, or snow, we recommend checking out our waterproof jackets

We also recommend exploring our customizable and high stock options. Customizable options mean that you can add your brand, logo, image or text before it even arrives. And high stock means that your order can quickly be shipped with 24 hours! 

The best prices for the best jackets

With our brand partners, our esteemed clientele, and our years of experience and efficient service, we're confident that you can find what you're looking for at Wordans. So why wait? Order your next cheap wholesale medium-sized jacket today. After all, is there really any other way to enjoy Canada than with a solid wardrobe of jackets for all those Canadian seasons?

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