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Windbreakers Jackets wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Welcome to the product page about windbreakers. Windbreakers, what are they? Windbreakers are jackets but in a thin form. They work well against wind and light rain. At Wordans, the wholesale distributor in Canada, you can choose from many types of windbreakers. We think quality and price are important and want to be inclusive for everyone. Read more about the different sizes, colors, materials, and styles on this page.

We are here for everyone

We at Wordans believe it is important for everyone to feel included. That's why we have a wide collection of different sizes and shapes. In addition to unisex products, we have products for men and women, and even children can come to us! Our adult sizes start at XS and end at 5XL. We have added a size chart under product information so you can find the appropriate size the easiest way. For children, we have sizes S, M, L, and XL.

Are you looking for windbreakers for yourself or your store? At Wordans in Canada, you can find both. We are not a normal retail store, therefore, you will find the best prices with us. Cheap windbreakers are great for personal use but also for your store as you can sell your items with high margins and higher profits. You can also buy windbreakers in bulk from us. This brings many advantages. You can then enjoy more discounts, in addition to the existing discounts. Through an overview on the product information page, you can see how many available quantities we have per size and how much discount you will get if you buy in bulk. In addition to cheap windbreakers, you also save time. You don't have to search for the cheapest or best products from multiple stores. In one store you can find everything. One invoice, best prices, best shipping options, no minimum product purchase, what more could you want ?

In addition to windbreakers, we sell other types of blank apparel. You can find pants, hoodies, t-shirts, other jackets, accessories, tracksuits and so on! You can also personalize many of our products. How cool?

Different styles of windbreakers

In addition to having different sizes and shapes, our windbreakers are available in different styles and materials. For example, you can choose whether you want a windbreaker with or without a hood and whether you prefer a product with or without a zipper. In addition, you can filter by "performance" or "waterproof". You can see the filter menu on the left side of the screen. Also, if you click on a product, you can see what features the windbreaker has. Among other things, some jackets may have these features: zippered chest pocket, security pocket, adjustable sleeves, removable hoods, and more. For windbreakers, we have many brands at our wholesale store in Canada. Example: COL, Champion, Core 365, Columbia, and Harriton. Curious about the other brands? Then take a look on the left side of the screen.

Finally, Wordans has a wide range of materials and colors available. Think of polyester, nylon, nylon taslan, twill, and spandex. These materials work great for not too cold days where a fresh breeze or a little rain is more common. The materials are therefore waterproof. Also, inner pockets or elastic waistbands are ideal for such weather conditions. Regarding the colors, we have more than 8 different ones. Colorful colors like red, pink, yellow, and orange. Do you prefer a basic color? Then you can also find gray, black or white colors with us. Some products come in multiple colors, so there is also an opportunity to alternate your favorite model.