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5XL Jackets wholesale and retail.

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Buy 5XL Jackets Wholesale and Retail at Wordans Canada

Have you been looking for 5XL jackets for your organization or an upcoming event? Well, welcome to Wordans. We are your go-to source when it comes to wholesale orders for apparel and accessories. We know how tough it can be to find larger jacket sizes, such as 5XL, and we have brought them in a wide variety. Here is why you should shop with us!

Rich Variety

We offer you an unmatched variety of 5XL jackets. We know they are not easy to come by, making us even more willing to bring variety. By shopping on our website, you get the 5XL jacket you have been looking for.


Our jackets come in different styles to suit different needs and preferences. If the course is already determined, you probably only need one jacket style. However, the option for varying styles is a great idea for wholesale buyers who want to resell them. It helps them balance and cater to all their audience or clients.


We are huge on brands. We know some people are loyal to one brand, and we wouldn't want you to change that. Our variety extends to the brands as we allow you to choose your desired brand. If you want to sample a few brands, mix in your bulk 5XL jackets order and let us know what you like best. Some of the brands you can shop for on Wordans include:


Colour options are huge identifiers in organizations and branding. You will find that two companies identify with blue but have different shades. For instance, one may use a deeper shade of blue than the other. When it comes to our colour options, we stock a wide range, from pastel hues to shades such as black and gray.


Nothing is as disappointing as finding the 5XL jacket you have always wanted but in an uncomfortable material. We know these two go hand in hand, so we bring you jackets with quality fabrics and materials. Your choice for the materials are:


Our selection of jackets comes in various treatments to suit your needs. Some are performance-based and have extra protection to keep you dry in wet weather. They are perfect for most weather and are versatile as running jackets. You can procure them for a team or workout organization. The other treatment the jackets have is waterproofing to keep the wearer comfortable even during winter.

Buy Bulk 5XL Jackets and Retail

Being a wholesale shop, we mainly focus on catering to bulk orders. We ensure enough variety for you to pick whatever appeals most to your needs. Unlike other wholesale shops, we do not restrict the number of jackets you can purchase. This ensures we cater to retail and 5XL jackets wholesale clients.

Get Cheap 5XL Jackets

Budgets differ from one person to another. While one may want one piece, another may want 500 jackets, which can drain the budget. As such, we have crafted the prices so they are affordable and reasonable for you. In fact, looking around, you will notice that we are the cheapest in the market for the 5XL jackets.

Customize 5XL Jackets

Your bulk order for the jackets is probably for the organization's staff or a promotional event. For this reason, you will need to have them customized to your company's details. For instance, if you have a campaign, you may want to imprint the jackets with your organization's name, logo, and slogan. We have a team of customization experts ready to assist you in bringing your dream to life. Whatever you want, you get with Wordans!