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Columbia Headwear wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Columbia is a respected American company that specialized in the manufacture of outdoor apparel. Its products are known for being very high in quality. They are highly durable and won’t get damaged easily. The company uses advanced technology and the best materials to make its products.

It is also worth noting that Columbia is committed to sustainability and has taken several steps to minimize its impact on the environment. For example, the company uses recycled materials to manufacture clothes, and it tries to generate as little waste as possible.

One of the most notable products you can get from Columbia is the beanie. You can purchase wholesale Columbia headwears at Wordans, a site that offers the lowest prices for the beanies. Our store has been running for many years and has developed a great reputation over the years.

Which Types of Columbia Headwears Are Available?

At Wordans, you will get several types of beanies from Columbia. These are small and close-fitting hats that are usually worn on the back of the head. Beanies are meant to be worn in the winter or during cold days. However, many people wear them in warm weather to complement their style.

An advantage of beanies is that they usually have a one-size-fits-all design. This will eliminate the stress of choosing a hat size.

Choose among a variety of materials

The beanies on our site are made of different materials. The most common one is acrylic, a synthetic fiber. These headwears are very easy to maintain since they are resistant to wrinkles and abrasion. Acrylic beanies are also quick-drying. You should note that acrylic is cheaper than wool and is equally as durable.

Some of our beanies are made using nylon. This material is commonly used with other fabrics like acrylic. Nylon headwears are lightweight, comfortable, and strong.

You can also get headwears that are made of polyester microfleece. These beanies are soft, smooth, and warm. They are also able to wick away moisture, and this will keep you dry throughout the day.

Picking a Color for Your Cheap Columbia Headwears

Beanies can be quite fashionable, but you will have to pick the design and color carefully. Otherwise, they can hurt your entire look. When shopping for wholesale Columbia headwears at Wordans, you will come across the following color options:

Black beanies are versatile and classic. You can easily match them with clothes of any other color, including black and grey. Black beanies are also great for people who enjoy simple and understated fashion styles. These headwears can help with heat retention, which is the entire point of beanie hats.

Blue beanies are a great option for people who like to stand out. They can work as fashion statements and can add some color to your outfit. If you want to wear this headwear in warm weather, you can consider getting blue beanies since they are able to reflect sunlight. This way, your head won’t get sweaty.

We Have Cheap Columbia Headwears

Columbia is a top-rated clothes brand, but you can still get its products for very low prices. At Wordans, we negotiate with the suppliers and brands to score the best prices for the items. This way, we are able to offer massive discounts to our customers. You can get bigger discounts by shopping for wholesale Columbia headwears. We have set different tiers for the discounts, and you can get the lowest prices by buying Columbia headwears in bulk.

The products on our site come at different prices. You can filter the products by price, and this is simply done by moving the price scale on the left side of the Columbia headwear page.