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Team 365 Athletic Wear wholesale and retail

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Team 365 Athletic Wear wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

Team 365: Athletic Wear for Every day of the Year

Running an errand? Going to work? Headed to a night out with friends? Athletic wear is no longer confined to the gym. In fact, it has become so main stream in so many cultures that many of us are consciously aware of how much we wear athletic apparel. In a world where athletic wear has become synonymous with every day style, why not order Team 365’s wholesale athletic wear at Wordans? The more you buy, the less you pay.

Not just for Athletes

As previously suggested, as cultures evolve with time, so does style. Today, athletic wear plays a significant role in mainstream fashion and style across the world. From athletes and celebrities to the girl next door, people are embracing the athleisure as clothing that can be worn in a variety of contexts - not just at the gym.

That said, athletic wear has evolved too, reflecting a mutual, or symbiotic relationship between trends and purpose. After all, the apparel still has to be usable in the context of rigorous physical activity in order to be considered athletic wear by definition. In that regard, the reciprocal relationship between style and athleticism works to empower both physical and mental well-being, simultaneously.

Apparel tailored for your Physique

It's difficult to discuss clothes without discussing bodies. And while that may be a touchy subject for some, we at Wordans want everyone to feel good in what they were. To maximize our inclusivity, we offer a large range of sizes, from XS to 4XL, all of which can be sub-categorized by women's, men's, and kids sizing.

Ultimately, a big part of style is not generalizable, but unique to you. We want to make sure you look good, that's why we partnered with Team 365, a brand that specializes in athletic materials, styles, and clothing. Looking for specific features? Check out Team 365’s performance and moisture-wicking enhanced options!

Colors Across the Spectrum

Recognizing the stylistic role of athletic wear, we have dedicated our line of Team 365 athletic wear to give you a large range of color options. And while these options can help you complete your look, they can also make you stand out in traffic on your next jog. To stand out, we recommend checking out our brighter reds, yellows and oranges. However, if standing out is not your goal, you can't go wrong with a timeless blue, black, gray, or white outfit.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for further styling ideas - check out the gym for inspiration and street wear for the latest fashion adaptations and trends!

Layering your next outfit

Even if you only wear athletic clothes to the gym, it's unlikely that you have a home gym. As such, you are likely working out outside, commuting or wearing athletic clothing in other contexts. In any case, you will likely need a few extra complementary layers to complete your outfit and showcase your style. If so, we have plenty of layers to get you where you want to go, and looking how you want to look.


For an extra bit of warmth we recommend checking out our sweats and fleece selection, where you can find hoodies, crewnecks, and more!

Outer layer

For an exterior protection, we recommend browsing our selection of jackets. You can find: rain jackets, windbreakers, vests, and more!

Note: these mid and outer layers can also contain athletic oriented enhancements - check each product for performance and moisture-wicking features.

Buy More, Pay Less

At Wordans, the client comes first. To show our appreciation, we offer volume discounts. The more of wholesale athletic wear by Team 365 you order, the less you pay.