Wide Neck Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

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Wide Neck Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Our Wide Neck Sweats & Fleeces come in bulk, with great prices

A timeless design that is making a comeback, the wide neck fleece is truely a one of a kind clothing item that everyone should have in their wardrobe. At Wordans, we offer wide neck fleeces at bulk quantities for heavily discounted cheap prices. So what are you waiting for, contact our sales team today for a quote on your order. Here is some of the reasons why you should order your wide neck fleeces from Wordans:

Best brands for our cheap wide neck sweats

At Wordans we are committed to using only the highest quality brands for our products and with wide neck sweats & fleeces it's no different. We know how important branded products can be for consumers so we only collaborate with brands we know your customers will love. In the case of our wide neck sweatshirts, Bella + Canvas is a brand we know and trust will produce high quality fleeces. Their wide neck sweatshirts are known for their relaxed and comfortable fit and with the stylish and understated wide neck, it's perfect for doing things around the house or walking down the street.

Fantastic color options

At Wordans, we provide multiple color options for our wide neck sweatshirts. Just as brands are important we fully understand that you may need a large range of color options too. Well we’ve got you covered, from deep heather to navy triblend to solid white triblend you will exceed your customers expectations when it comes to colors. If you are looking to buy wide neck sweatshirts wholesale for a team, group or organization then Wordan is the perfect place to order.

High Quality Materials

There’s perhaps nothing worse than a poorly made sweatshirt or fleece. When buying you want to find something that's well-made, durable but also comfortable. Count on us at Wordans with that. You will find some of our wide neck fleeces are made with a rayon blend which lends a silky feel and appearance to the product. The rayon blend also has the distinct advantage of wrinkling and creasing less than cotton.

Wordans: your wholesaler for wide neck sweats

Not only do we sell cheap Wide Neck sweatshirts, but we also sell a variety of other items as well. We sell men’s, women’s, kids, and even sports clothing, and work attire. From back to school, to all year round, there are plenty of options to choose from.


For the women, we have a variety of t-shirts, from v neck to crew neck. There are also different materials to choose, depending on your comfort and fit. We offer Gildan t-shirts which are made out of 100% soft style cotton.


For the men, we sell a variety of t-shirts, pullover hoodies, sweatshirts, and tank tops. Like the women’s, these also have a variety of comfort fits so you can always find what’s best for you! From Gildan's SoftStyle men’s tees, to Jerzees Nublend Fleece Pullovers, there are plenty of options for any weather, look, or activity.


And finally, we can’t forget about our kids' selection. With school being right around the corner, Wordans has just what you need. Need to make some club t-shirts? Or maybe, you’re looking for a good price on bulk tees to make some team shirts for the baseball players. We have just what you need to have the kids looking, and feeling, good back to school this fall.