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Raglan Long sleeves wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Welcome to Wordans, a wholesale business selling raglan shirts. We are an international company delivering blank apparel. Are you looking for raglan shirts for your clothing business in Canada or just for personal use? Then, we would like to tell you more about the advantages of buying your clothing at our wholesale. Characterized with the two colors, three-quarter sleeves, and a trendy look, these t-shirts are an addition to your closet! Prices vary from each other, but one thing is for sure. Substantial discounts from our wholesale raglan shirts are waiting for you!

What is Raglan ?

The raglan is so-called because of the raglan sleeve. It is a way of using a sleeve in garments such as sweaters, jackets, and long sleeves. The normal sleeve runs between the shoulder and side seam. This sleeve runs from the neckline to the wrist and is stitched to the upper body from the neck to below the armpit. This creates greater freedom of movement. The sleeve is named after James Henry Lord Raglan, who made himself immortal with his performance in the Crimean War. It is said that Lord Raglan wore a coat with these types of sleeves after losing his arm at the Battle of Waterloo. This greater freedom of movement also makes it an ideal garment to wear while exercising. You will also often be able to find this design in sports clothes. In addition, it is more often associated with a sports shirt. For example, raglan tees are a popular item worn by teams in Major League Baseball.

Different styles of the raglan t-shirts

Firstly, we have several colors available for you. Since our tees come in two colors, dozens of color combinations are possible. For example, think of gray with red, white with purple, and black with white. Do you prefer a t-shirt in 1 color? Then, that is also possible. There are even differences on the back of the t-shirt. Namely, you can choose whether the back of these cheap raglan shirts should be the same color as the front or as the arms.

When you click on ´choose a color´ at product information, you will get a clear overview of which colors are available per product.

In addition, there are different types of materials. Among others: cotton, cotton-poly, and poly-cotton-rayon. Again, you can see the exact details, such as the distribution of materials expressed in percentages.

Nowadays, you are more likely to see these clothing pieces printed. Our t-shirts are blank, but you can have them printed yourself. For example, think about printing the logo of your favorite baseball team, the name of your favorite band, or another drawing. You can be creative all by yourself. Some labels are removable, so you can also completely rebrand them to your liking for reselling.

Low prices

As mentioned before, on our website you can get high discounts. This is because we are a wholesale business in apparel. Due to high volumes, we can pass these savings on to our customers. Cheap raglan shirts are beneficial to all. Would you like to buy it for yourself or resell it? The big advantage is the high profit you can make as a retailer. Also, if you want to buy our raglan shirts in bulk, you will see the amount of discount per quantity.

These clothing pieces are an addition to your closet, they are stylish and even have a background story. Wear them for sports or wear this sporty look during activities of your daily life. When you buy these raglan shirts in bulk from our wholesaler, you can really enjoy cheap clothing items!