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Canvas Jackets wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Wordans is a leading Canadian B2B wholesaler and for all kinds of clothing, from every day to casual wear, or athletic to home wear, with over 40 brands in our catalog. Our goal is to make sure you find what you are looking for at the best quality-price ratio out there on the market. Our collections are customizable and come in a large variety of colors and designs, all while maintaining a timeless simplicity to them. Our products also come in a variety of fabrics, one of our favorites being canvas. Let’s have a look at our quality and cheap canvas jackets for men and women as an example and discover all the benefits of our wholesale canvas fabric!

Wordans’ cheap Canvas : ideal for workwear

Designing your employees’ new workwear ? When it comes to choosing work wear, your choices will all depend on your sector, the day-to-day activities your teams undertake and the conditions in which they work. Do they work outdoors in an uncovered space? Do they regularly use heavy machinery? Would they need ample clothing because they make a lot of movements? If you said yes to all or most of these questions, why not opt for something made of canvas fabric? Here are a few reasons why you should consider it.

Weather resistant

Canvas is often used to make outdoor clothing to adapt to weather conditions. And because canvas is a tightly woven fabric, very similar to duck fabric, it is a natural durable water-repellent as well. Common methods of rendering it even more water-resistant, for clothing that are regularly exposed to water, include waxing the surface of the canvas for a more durable water repellency effect. Canvas is also commonly blended with other synthetic fibers for better water impermeability. Canvas is also a relatively good breathable fabric. It is not too warm to wear during spring time, but it also prevents the heat produced by the body from escaping too much if you’re working outside during chilly weather.


Canvas is made by tightly weaving cotton fibers together. The result of this weaving is a strong, resistant fabric, which in turn makes it a quality fabric of choice for work wear. Due to its resistant characteristic, any piece made of canvas will last a long time as it does not wear out so easily. You can never be disappointed with choosing garments made of canvas. Canvas jackets are one of a select few garments that can only age well as the time passes and gradually develop a new, charming look to their fabric.

Comfortable wear

As you've seen, canvas fabric has many advantages to it. However, not only is it durable, resistant, and weather resistant, it is also comfortable to wear for long periods of time thanks to its lightweight.

Wordans’ wholesale canvas jackets: always stylish and practical

Simple, stylish, timeless multipurpose and always in fashion. What else would you need from a garment? Canvas jackets are definitely a must-have in everybody’s collection! Suitable for outdoor activities, to brave any weather and perfect for a casual everyday look, you will always feel confident wearing one of these garments as they can be paired with almost any outfit you choose to wear.

Available in sizes ranging from XS to 6XL and multiple colors to choose from, we want to make sure everyone can fit their perfect fit and style.

Sounds like a pretty good fabric right ? So choose your very own cheap canvas jacket today and join the timeless fashion movement!