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Women Long sleeves wholesale and retail

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Women Long sleeves wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

These shirts will keep you cooler and will protect you from harmful UV rays. Another benefit of long sleeve polo shirts for women is that they are highly versatile and will suit many different settings. You can wear them for a casual dinner or date. If you pair them with a blazer, you can wear them for a professional meeting. 

If you’re looking for cheap women's long sleeve shirts, you need to check out our web, Wordans. This site sells long sleeves in a variety of styles and sizes, so you are guaranteed to find something that suits you. This post covers a few reasons to buy wholesale women's long sleeve tops at Wordans.

Our Site Offers High-Quality Products

The biggest benefit of our company is that it only stocks high-quality cheap women's long sleeves. You can get clothes from top clothing manufacturers. A key one is Gildan, a brand that is notable for its ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. You can also buy Fruit of the Loom clothes. This particular brand has been around for over 160 years and has developed a reputation for quality. 

Other brands that are featured in the store include Rabbit Skins, American Apparel, Jerzees, and Next Level. All of these brands have grown popular because of their dedication to quality, so you can be certain that the long sleeve shirts will stay in good condition for long.

You Will Get Competitive Prices

Another benefit of Wordans is that it helps you save money. The company negotiates with clothes manufacturers and brands to get massive discounts, and these are passed on to buyers. To get even lower prices, you should consider buying women's long sleeves in bulk. The site offers the lowest prices to companies that purchase more than 500 shirts. As noted earlier, all these products are very high in quality and won’t need to be replaced frequently.

All Sizes Are Available

We stock cheap women's long sleeve shirts in different sizes. These range from small all the way to 3XL. You can use the size chart to determine which size would fit your measurements best. Make sure you measure your body length, body with, and sleeve length before buying the products.

You Will Get a Wide Variety of Colors and Styles

We stock long sleeves in many different colors and styles. Some of the popular colors are black, white, red, and blue. You can choose the color on the purchase page, and make sure you indicate the quantity of items you want in that specific color.

The most popular style of long sleeves is the pullover design. These shirts are worn by pulling them through the head. If you would rather get a shirt with an open front, you should pick the buttoned long sleeves. Another thing you can check is the pocket. Shirts with pockets are great for women since they let you carry small items like keys. These shirts are especially good for women who wear dresses without pockets.

You should also consider the design of the neck when shopping for a long sleeve shirt. A popular design is the V-neck. With these shirts, the neck comes down to a point on the chest, forming a shape resembling the letter V. In Wordans we also stock shirts that have the scoop neckline, and these are quite popular among women. Buy your cheap long sleeves for women.

These necklines are rounded and low-cut. Other styles you will find in the store include raglan and hooded shirts. The site makes it easy for shoppers to filter the long sleeve shirts by style or design. You just need to go to the ‘long sleeves’ category and click on the design you prefer.