Orange Long sleeves wholesale and retail.

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Orange Long sleeves wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Orange is one of the colors that evoke strong emotions. The color radiates energy and warmth is often a conversation starter. If your organization identifies with this color, then getting orange long sleeves t-shirts is a worthwhile decision. 

At Wordans, we have a wide range of these long sleeves for you to select from depending on your needs. Even better, we cater to wholesale and retail customers.

Buy wholesale orange long sleeves  t-shirts for all genders

The genesis of gendered clothing is evident in different cultures. These cultures have assigned certain cuts of clothing for one gender, whereby one article may be deemed masculine and another feminine. Another might fit all genders.

With this knowledge, Wordans has ensured inclusivity by stocking orange long sleeves t-shirts for women and orange long sleeves t-shirts for men. This makes it easier for you to choose depending on your current campaign or needs. If the campaign is not gendered, you can always add the unisex orange long sleeves t-shirts to your wholesale order.

Choose the ideal sizes and fabrics

Sizes and fabrics are the two elements that determine how comfortable the wearer will be. Considering that these are clothing articles that come into contact with the skin, you must ensure that the fabrics are comfortable. 

At Wordans, we have orange long sleeves in different fabrics to fit your needs. This includes 100% cotton, 50/50 cotton-poly, and cotton. With these options, you can appeal to different wearers.

When it comes to the sizes, we have an adequate catalog to ensure everyone gets a fit. We understand that no two bodies are alike and for this reason, we stock orange long sleeves t-shirts in different sizes. Our list includes:

  • XS.
  • S.
  • M.
  • L.
  • XL.
  • 2XL.
  • 3XL.
  • 4XL.
  • 5XL.

When buying for yourself or a determined group, you can quickly pinpoint the sizes to fit best. However, if you are purchasing for a campaign or upcoming event and the group is undetermined, consider mixing up the sizes. Remember that most people are comfortable in the M and XL.

Get your favorite brand at Wordans

We are a brand and understand the value of brand loyalty. Over the years, we have partnered with reputable brands, both new and established names. This gives volume to your wholesale order as you can mix up from each brand and category. Our list of brands at Wordans for the orange long sleeves t shirts includes:

A variety of options to select from

Wordans has a special selection of options for the orange long sleeve t-shirts. The most popular one is high stock and the t-shirts are made from the highest quality of material and threading. While they are hard to come by, Wordans makes it easy for you to find them. 

Other options for you to choose from include custom, tagless, and tear away. Tear away and tagless are the best for businesses looking to brand themselves or start a clothing line. If you are unsure about what to pick, consider mixing t-shirts from each category.

Get the orange long sleeves t-shirts in bulk and retail

We are a wholesale shop for apparel and accessories. For this reason, most of our orders are on a wholesale basis. However, we do not restrict minimal orders as we have no caps on the number of items you can purchase at Wordans

Whether you want three orange long sleeves to match with your friends or a thousand pieces for your organization, we’ve got you covered. Get your wholesale orange long sleeves t-shirts from Wordans today!