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Men Hoodies Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Sweats & fleece hoodies for men

Are you looking for cheap hoodies in Canada? Welcome to Wordans, an international clothing wholesaler that delivers to Canada and other countries. In the following section, we will describe the features of the sweats & fleece hoodies for men.

Design a hoodie to your liking

We have our hoodies available in a wide variety of colors. For example, we have light pink, Carolina blue, Irish green, and cherry red. You can easily filter by colors so that only the colors you want will come up. Some colors have different tones. The color codes of these colors can be found in the product information. You can also click on the desired model you see. Some sweats & fleece hoodies are available in multiple colors or tones. When you have found your favorite hoodie, it is then possible to get this hoodie in multiple colors.

This saves time and money when you are looking for a new one! The hoodies will come blank. Therefore you can print a logo, the name of your company, your name, a picture, or another design on it. Under options, you can select "customizable". This will show you the sweats & fleece hoodies for men that you can personalize immediately. The program works simply. You can position your text or image on your clothing item in no time. Some items come with tear-away labels. In this way, you can design an entire collection of hoodies for men.

Our timeless sweats & fleece hoodies for men

For timeless and high-quality apparel you have come to the right place at our wholesale business in Canada. Therefore, you will find many different brands and materials in our online store. For example the following brands: Champion, Core 365, Jerzees, Next Level, North End, and Gildan. For a complete overview, you can explore the “Brands” section.

To ensure that you can put on a suitable outfit for every season, our sweats & fleece hoodies for men have many features. You can choose whether you want a Wordans hoodie with or without a hood or perhaps an item without a zipper. Because we have many different materials, you can filter by treatment. A waterproof hoodie can come in very handy on a rainy day! Do you still prefer a different type of material? Among others, we have polyester, cotton, nylon, and twill. Polyester has several advantages, including high UV protection, quick-drying, wrinkle-free, and moisture-wicking! Cotton is very comfortable because it is so soft and stretches easily. In addition, the fabric is also very strong, so it easily lasts a long time. Nylon is waterproof and very easy to wash. In addition, the fabric is also very lightweight. Twill, this fabric is very soft, hygienic, and keeps you warm easily.

The benefit of buying apparel at Wordans

You can find cheap hoodies at Wordans! As a wholesale business, we can sell our hoodies for cheap. This is ideal if you want to buy our hoodies for a low price and resell them with a higher margin. Did you know that discounts are waiting for you when you buy Wordans hoodies in bulk? If you click on product information, you will see a list of prices for bulk purchases.

We have our hoodies for men available in many sizes. The sizes start at 2XS and go up to 5XL. If you are unsure of the right size, please consult the size chart for a product. This way you will know which size fits you best. You can also see how many items are still available per size. This is useful for you to know if you plan to resell these Wordans hoodies.