Black Crewneck Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

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Black Crewneck Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Wordans has been providing a wide range of wholesale black crewneck sweats & fleece for the better part of a decade and our reputation certainly precedes us. We believe that variety is the spice of life, regardless of whether purchasing garments in bulk or you might require a single shirt.

What are some of the additional advantages that customers throughout Canada can expect to leverage? Are there any qualities which have allowed our team to rise above the competition? Let's take a look to see what this line of black crewnecks and sweatshirts has to offer.

One-click access to cheap black crewneck sweats & fleece Shirts

Cost can often present an issue when contemplating a bulk order. This is why our black crewneck sweats & fleece is offered at highly competitive wholesale prices. The good news is that you can still count on the very same level of Wordans quality when working with our team.

The fabrics employed play an important role in this sense. For example, these shirts can be obtained in cotton, polyester and proprietary cotton/polyester blends. In the event that you are concerned about allergies, hypoallergenic materials such as rayon provide a healthy alternative.

It is also possible to examine each option in greater detail before confirming a purchase. For instance, perhaps you are interested in a sweatshirt that will help you to remain comfortable when performing physical activities. In this case, the Gildan Dryblend® long-sleeve shirt could be a great option to keep in mind. Simply click on the image in order to appreciate the other unique qualities of this product.

Trust and experience

In terms of quality alone, why rely upon the word of Wordans alone? Many feel that one of the reasons behind our nationwide success involves the partnerships that we have established with well-known manufacturers. Customers will therefore encounter reputable brand names such as:

This also signifies that all sizes and genders can be accommodated. From black crewneck sweaters for womens needs to those engineered for men and children, we truly are your one-stop shop when durability and style count.

Black is back, alongside other colors

Black has always been an extremely popular color within the fashion sector. It can be used in tandem with nearly any other tone and it is ideal when adding logos, branding or similar elements after a purchase. Note that many of our sweats and fleece shirts are equipped with fabrics that support both embroidery and silk screening.

Still, why limit yourself to black if you instead desire to make a visual splash? It is possible to select from additional colors such as blue, white, gray, green, and red. Simply click on the color icon found within the left-hand menu in order to be presented with additional options.

Buy black crewnecks in bulk

Wordans aims to offer our clients with as many possible choices as possible when making a purchase. This is why you can leverage customized solutions including:

  • Price.
  • Size/gender.
  • Brand.
  • Features such as custom shirts, high-stock designs and tag-less models.

These black crewneck sweats & fleece shirts boast a combination of style, comfort and affordability (all traits which should be present within the wholesale clothing community).

We nonetheless encourage you to browse through the other categories offered at Wordans such as hats, pants, shorts, hoodies, and sleeveless jerseys. Why look anywhere else for your wholesale fashion needs?