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Green Long sleeves wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Do you love green? So do we. At Wordans, we recognize that long sleeves are a part of everyone's closet, so why not include a green one? After all, you can never have too many long sleeves. A good long sleeve can make all the difference in mobility, comfort, and style. We are proud to say that we believe everyone should look as good as they feel. And with our valuable products and service - the best quality at cheap wholesale prices - you too will feel valued.

You can be confident that no matter where you are, or what you're doing, you will look as good as you feel. Whether it's your first day at a new job or date night with your significant other, our wholesale green long sleeves will make sure that you do what you want to do, while looking how you want to look.

Green long sleeves as versatile as you

Long sleeves have no singular purpose, they can be used in so many different ways, in so many different contexts. Whether you're sick at home, about to embark on a long trip, go to a game, or lead a conference, long sleeves are as versatile as you. So we made sure to have a selection of green long sleeves as versatile as you.

Our Wholesale Brand Partners

We have partnered with many brands to guarantee the best wholesale quality for you and your clients. In fact, you'll probably recognize a few, such as Fruit of the Loom, Gildan and Champion - just to name a few. But don't stop here, check out the other brands offering green long sleeves!

As Diverse as Canada’s Greenery

Notably, not all greens are the same. You can be sure that our green long sleeves are specially curated to reach every corner of the green spectrum. You will be delighted to find evergreen, emerald, sage, forest, lime, moss, and olive greens! These colors are a reflection of Canada’s natural abundance from coast to coast.

A Green long sleeve for Each and Every Body

We understand that everyone has different body types, shapes, and weights. Not only that, but we have different aesthetic preferences (i.e. how clothes fit us). Some people prefer a looser fit to a tighter one, and vice versa. To reflect this diversity of desires and needs, we offer a wide range of sizes from XS to 5XL. In other words, we believe everyone should feel included.

We catered our selection so that you, your family, customers and whoever else can enjoy our shirts all year long. And as if that's not enough, these aforementioned sizes are also delineated by unisex, women’s and men’s categories for extra specificity in fit structure.

Looking for more product details?

For any other details about our products, check out the information below each product! You will find product materials, stitching, special features and customizable options.

The Cheapest Wholesale Green Long Sleeves in Canada

Canada is a cornucopia of green - from the smallest shrubs in the tundra to the tallest evergreen trees adorning the Rocky Mountains. And at the end of the day, we recognize that a good long sleeve of any kind is an asset that should provide comfort and style for you. So we were inspired to offer green long sleeves for any occasion.

But we wouldn't want you to break the bank, so we’ve done our best to offer you the most affordable options You can order your wholesale green long sleeves today without compromising quality, expense, time, or style. We dare you to try finding a better deal in Canada.