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Blue Rain Jackets wholesale and retail.

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Buy Blue Rain Jackets Wholesale and Retail at Wordans Canada

Blue is one of those colors that calls the mind to calmness and relaxation. Most people describe it as peaceful, secure, and somewhat orderly. In fact, most businesses looking to stand out as secure often use blue in their adverts and marketing. If your company uses blue as a theme color, you may also dress your employees in the color, including in the jackets. But where can you get good quality blue rain jackets and regular attire? Read on to find out why Wordans is your number-one choice!

We Do Not Skimp on the Brands

As a reputable online wholesaler, you can trust our selection of brands at Wordans. We have brought together blue rain jackets from different providers, new and established. For your wholesale order, you can mix up pieces from each option depending on your preference. Here are some of the brand names you will find at Wordans when shopping for blue rain jackets:

Choose Rain Jackets in Your Desired Genders

People buy bulk blue rain jackets for various reasons. One common aspect is that they will be worn by different people in features, age, and gender. If you want rain jackets for upcoming children’s outdoor events, you can shop under the kids’ category. On the other hand, if you want these jackets for a group of male cyclists, consider checking under the men’s category. The same case applies to those shopping for women’s blue rain jackets.

For those buying blue rain jackets as merchandise or promotional items, consider mixing from the three categories and adding in some unisex pieces. This ensures that everyone in the intended crowd finds a comfortable jacket.

We Stock a Good Range of Fabrics

Rain jackets are mostly meant for outdoor activities during rainy or high-moisture weather conditions. For this reason, they need to have water-resistant capabilities in the outer shell fabrics while still maintaining that warmth within. Polyester stands out as a gold standard for these jackets.

Knowing this, all the blue jackets at Wordans are made from polyester. You can choose from the 100% polyester option if you intend your wearers to be out in the cold for long hours. Besides being water-resistant, these jackets are also high-performance and stretchy to allow for various movements during outdoor activities. You can trust our quality!

Enhance Your Comfort with our Range of Sizes

There are two major elements that dictate one’s comfort when it comes to clothes; fabrics and sizes. You may have the ideal fabric but if you get it wrong on the size, discomfort will be your second name. For this reason, we stock the jackets in a variety of sizes to fit different people and body sizes. Our size chart includes:

Brand Your Bulk Blue Rain Jackets With Our Customization Services

Since all our apparel and accessories (including the rain jackets) are blank, you are free to customize them into whatever you desire. You can choose to include a logo, campaign slogan, or your company name. Email us your specifications and let us take care of it!

If you are running a campaign, the easiest way to market yourself is by including the slogan and your organization’s name. If they are giveaways to appreciate your customers’ support, include a simple message like ‘Thank You’ and your company name.

Place Your Order for Cheap Blue Rain Jackets in Wholesale and Retail

At Wordans, we value all our customers. While most wholesalers only cater to wholesale orders, we extend our services to retail clients. Whether you want to buy a thousand rain jackets or one for your outdoor activities, you can shop with us. We have no blue rain jackets wholesale limit.

Besides eliminating the caps, we further make the purchase more affordable by applying discounts and offers to our wholesale customers. It allows you to get cheap blue rain jackets without compromising the quality. The more you buy, the more you get with Wordans!