Unisex Shirts wholesale and retail.

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Unisex Shirts wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Whether you are an individual or a professional looking for cheap and customizable wholesale unisex shirts in France : Wordans is the solution for you.

For associations, student promotions, companies, sports clubs or even families, we deliver our textiles in France and abroad, in less than a week. Also, we are transparent and provide support for our customers. They can benefit from the development of free quotes, customer service available to answer any questions, personalization services and they can have access to the number of items available in stock as well as the addresses of all our warehouses.

For your orders of unisex shirts, trust a clothing wholesaler who is an expert in his field : trust Wordans.

A wide range of inexpensive unisex shirts

You can find on Wordans shirts of all sizes (from 2XS to XL), of all materials (cotton, 100% cotton, polyester, etc.), of all colors (red, blue, gray), of all weights (from 15 g/m2 to more than 195 g/m2), all types of cut (short or long sleeved shirt, with or without pockets, etc.). We offer our customers a wide choice of unisex shirts. Thus, you will also be able to choose from more than 3000 references and around fifty quality brands with which we work hand in hand every day.

Also, you will be able to benefit from advantageous prices thanks to our decreasing prices. Using our team of experts, we negotiate our unisex shirts and other textiles at the best price with suppliers. At Wordans, the more you buy, the less you'll pay. Thus, we recommend that you order your clothes in bulk to take advantage of the various discount advantages.

Unisex shirts to order in bulk or individually

We recommend that our customers order in bulk to take advantage of low prices, however we process all orders : wholesale and individually. Whether you are a large company in need of hundreds of unisex shirts or, on the contrary, an individual looking for a Timberlea unisex shirt, you can find what you are looking for on our site and be delivered quickly in France. Because we know how different each need can be from one customer to another, we respond to each and every type of order. If you are ordering unisex shirts in bulk and would like an overview of the overall price, we remain available to provide you with a free quote.

Unisex shirts, to customize for all occasions

To wear on all occasions, we offer unisex shirts. Whether for everyday life or for work, our shirts will be easy to wear over the years thanks to their quality and timeless quality.

For people looking for rather classic shirts, you have therefore come to the right place. For people looking for more creative shirts, we offer our customization services to make your unisex shirts unique. You can then add a logo, a phrase, an image, a design or you wish thanks to our flocking, embroidery, heat press or printing services.

Wordans is your wholesaler of cheap, customizable clothing, to order in bulk or individually. Because we care about transparency, the quality of our offers and our services, as well as a fast delivery time, we do everything we can every day to guarantee the best for our customers. Choose the best for you : choose Wordans.