Green Softshell Jackets wholesale and retail.

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Green Softshell Jackets wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Have you been searching for a cost-effective means to reward your employees for a job well done? Do you need to purchase durable and stylish outerwear at budget-friendly price points? If so, look no further than this collection of green softshell jackets available through Wordans.

Offering some of the best deals in the wholesale industry since 2017, these green softshell jackets in bulk are yet another reason why Wordans continues to attract such a wide Canadian audience. Let's nonetheless delve a bit deeper to appreciate what makes our garments so popular.

What makes these wholesale green softshell jackets stand out?

We are fully aware of the power of brand names. While some wholesalers prefer to adopt the generic approach, Wordans believe that quality products will keep customers coming back for more. It is also important to point out that offering garments engineered to last is simply good business sense.

This is why those who browse through our line of green softshell jackets for men and women will encounter well-known manufacturers such as CX2 and Team 365. There is no substitute for quality, and we will likewise not settle for anything less.

More than appearance alone

Yet another reason why Wordans has been able to maintain a competitive edge since our inception involves the technologies that are present within the garments themselves. The Cadet Men's Lightweight Softshell Jacket can serve as a real-world example. Some of the features that this item offers include:

  • Pure polyester fabric.
  • A waterproof rating of 800 mm.
  • A standard wind-resistant finish.
  • Front and side YKK zippers.
  • Inner pockets for additional storage.

After all, style is of little importance if functionality is not also present.

What are the benefits of softshell fabrics?

These green softshell jackets for women and men are indeed at the top of their class when it comes to user-friendly ergonomics. Softshell fabrics are known for their superior levels of comfort and the ability to offer a tailored fit. Still, other advantages should be mentioned.

Softshell outerwear is capable of resisting harsh elements and offering a substantial thermal barrier when the temperatures outside begin to fall. These are some of the reasons why such jackets are just as appropriate for a casual day at the office as they are when performing outdoor activities.

Pick and Choose the Best Configuration

Wordans understands that the needs of every client are different. This is why we have designed a way to select these softshell jackets based on parameters such as:

  • Size (between XS to 4XL).
  • The type of treatment (such as performance of waterproof).
  • Fabric.
  • Brand.
  • Gender.
  • Price.

Although green is one of our most popular colors, this is far from the only option. These jackets are available in a rainbow of additional hues including red, pink, yellow, blue, white, and black.

For business or pleasure

Some customers may purchase jackets in bulk to clothe an entire workforce, while others could wish to obtain a handful of softshell jackets as gifts for friends or family members. Whether the cost-effective nature of these garments is the primary concern or quality and variety trump all, Wordans is here to help.

If you wish to learn more about this selection of green softshell jackets or to discover the numerous other products that we have to offer, please spend some time browsing through your options. Wordans is indeed the king of quality Canadian wholesale.