Unisex Zip Neck Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

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Unisex Zip Neck Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Whether you have been looking for outerwear at rock-bottom prices or you are instead more concerned with brand-name quality, the team at Wordans is once again here to help. Our selection of unisex zip sweats & fleeces has become extremely popular throughout the Canadian marketplace.

The good news is that it is now easier than ever before to obtain unisex zip sweats in bulk within a matter of seconds. Let's take a quick look at some of the options that Wordans customers can choose from as well as why we are still your go-to source for a variety of wholesale clothing.

Multiple options of cheap unisex zip sweats

The term "unisex" is generally used to describe items suitable for both men and women. Wordans has taken this very same concept a step further by offering unisex zip fleeces for children as well. Not only is this great news for the entire family, but it also signifies that other requirements can be easily satisfied.

Perhaps these unisex zip fleeces will be distributed to the employees of your company. They might instead be used to equip a sports team so that they remain comfortable while competing outdoors. The bottom line is that no order is too large or too small when working with the professionals at Wordans. We are happy to accept single order as well as bulk purchases intended for B2B requirements.

Brand name wholesale unisex zip sweats

Some wholesalers outsource their products from unknown companies and substandard production facilities. While this may result in competitive prices, the fact of the matter is that quality is inevitably called into question. Wordans believes that nothing but the best should suffice within the Canadian marketplace. This is why customers can select from well-known brands such as:

Simply choose the preferred brand from the menu located on the let-hand side of the main page. You can then better appreciate the available options.

Unisex zip fleeces with style in mind

One of the reasons why Wordans has enjoyed so much success since 2015 involves our ability to find a balance between cost and style. Not only can consumers benefit from highly competitive prices, but style is never in doubt.

From full-zip pullovers to form-fitting fleeces and multiple different color choices, satisfying even the most demanding of personal tastes is well within your reach. Let us also point out that this selection is being updated on a regular basis. This allows consumers to keep ahead of the latest fashion trends.

An attention to detail

Science likewise plays a crucial role within this line of unisex zip sweats. For example, you no longer have to worry about fading colors thanks to the ChromaSoft technology offered by our Core 365 quarter-zip fleece pullover. This is still only the beginning. It is just as possible to narrow down your search parameters by selecting filters such as:

  • Warehouse location.
  • Sizes.
  • Price range.
  • Color.
  • Brand.
  • New releases.

The main intention of Wordans is to provide you with a host of options while simultaneously keeping ahead of the competition thanks to wholesale prices. Do not hesitate to examine this selection of unisex zip sweats and fleeces as well as the hundreds of other products that are currently offered. We are likewise happy to assist if you have any additional questions.