Men Zip Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

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Men Zip Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Men Zip Sweats & Fleece

Comfort is one of the key elements that people consider when purchasing garments. At Wordans, we offer the most comfortable garments, including wholesale men's zip fleece and sweats.

What are zip sweats and fleece?

Men zip sweats, sometimes known as sweatshirts, are long-sleeved shirts made from comfortable, absorbent materials. They come with zippers to open your chest or cover your neck. Traditionally, men's zip sweats were made with thick cotton fabric. However, modern designs feature fleece (this is the origin of men's zip fleece).

Fleece is a popular synthetic fabric made out of polyester, cotton, and/or recycled plastic. It is known for its lightweight, insulating qualities and adored for its warmth. For these reasons, men's zip fleece and sweats are quite popular.

Buying guide for men’s zip fleece and sweats

Wordans is one of the leading wholesale blank apparel companies in Canada. It is the go-to place for zip fleece and sweats for men. Here are some things you should look out for when purchasing zip fleece and sweats for men at Wordans:

Consider the Costs

One of the key elements buyers look into when purchasing products is the price. The beauty of purchasing wholesale garments at Wordans is that you have access to incredible prices. Wholesale products are typically cheaper than retail to give you a larger profit margin.

That said, the low prices do not reflect on the quality of the products. Our standards are high to ensure that you can rely on us to provide the quality you expect. In other words, we work to provide the lowest prices for the highest quality - value for you.

Your Choice of Diverse colors

Diversity and variety are key elements when selecting wholesale products. This comes in handy whether you want to purchase products for re-sale, commercial, or personal use. Wordans offers a wide range of color options for men’s and women’s products. So you will find every color in one place, giving you exactly what you want.

Go for your favorite brands

Besides selecting colors, you may also choose which product design you prefer from a range of diverse brands. In fact, you can choose to order from a number of brands simultaneously. Ordinarily, this would mean placing separate orders with differing purchasing and delivery policies. However, this where Wordans comes in. Wordans carries products from various brands, like Harriton, Marmot, North End, Puma, and Champion - all in one place for your convenience.

Some benefits of getting products from diverse brands:

  • You can diversify your product catalog
  • You will attract a diverse client-base
  • Varied prices and designs

Consider the design and customization

Some of the best retailers in the garment industry do not sell their products as they purchased or ordered them. This also applies to companies that purchase products at wholesale for marketing, branding, and other purposes. This is where customization comes in. Product customization allows you to take ordinary and common products and turn them into unique products. You can do this by branding them or adding special features to them.

Wordans allows you to customize the products before you finalize the order. You can customize the colors or have them printed. All this is achievable from the Wordans website.

Buy cheap men zip sweats at Wordans

Wordans is one of the best places to purchase wholesale men's zip fleece and sweats. The platform offers cheap prices and a diverse range of options. From different brands, sizes, colors, and designs, there is something for everyone at Wordans. And in addition to men’s products, the company also offers women’s and kids products - check them out!