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Wholesale T-shirts in Windsor

Wordans is an established B2B apparel and accessory wholesaler
accessible in over twenty countries. We have worked with more than one
hundred reputable brands, supplying wholesale t-shirts in Windsor, and anywehere in Canada. This is a store that you can rely on for wholesale apparel at the cheapest rates around.

Whether you are scouting for t-shirts for your soccer team, business brand, friends group, or family, Wordans is the place to look. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets.
Why choose Wordans for your bulk t-shirt shopping?
These are some of the reasons why you should consider using Wordans for your t-shirt shopping in Windsor.

Variety and Quality T-Shirts

Sameness is monotonous and limiting, which is why Wordans offers a wide array of variety. On our site you can find different t-shirt styles, colours, sizes, features, as well as fabrics of which they are made. Also, Wordans is inclusive because we have t-shirts for both men and women, kids, babies, and unisex t-shirts.

As for sizes, Wordans seeks to ensure that almost all, if not all, sizes or weights are available. When it comes to t-shirt styles, there are short sleeves, polos, V-necks, long sleeves, tank tops, ringers, tri-blend, pockets, and scoop necks. All the styles, as mentioned earlier, are available in multiple colours and patterns.
Furthermore, you can purchase customizable t-shirts or get tear-away blank t-shirts in bulk for your branding.

Reputable Brands

Given that Wordans works with some of the most popular brands, such as Gildan, Next Level, Bella+Canvas, Fruit of the Loom, or Rabbit Skins, you are assured that the quality and pricing is competitive and that you may as well select your favourite brand. The likes of Jerzees, American Apparel, Extreme, Threadfast, North End, and many more are also represented.

Use of Quality Materials

In addition to several sizes and styles, there is also a variety of fabrics and fabric densities depending on your needs. Some t-shirts are 100% cotton, 100% polyester, a blend of both cotton and polyester, cotton spandex, rayon blend, and tri-blend, among others.
Depending on the intended use of the t-shirts, there are various t-shirt treatments to select from. For example, if you are looking to get t-shirts for intense outdoor activities, you have performance t-shirts or UPF sun protection t-shirts that reduce the risk of exposure to sunlight.
There are also treated t-shirts like Antimicrobial t-shirts. There are also snag-resistant as well as the easy-clean t-shirts.

Benefit From Cheap Prices

Wordans is very accommodating in the sense that we have variety when it comes to pricing. When you purchase wholesale t-shirts, you can enjoy the volume discounts. Volume discounts are awarded when you buy items in bulk.

How to Purchase T-Shirts From Wordans in Windsor

Visit and choose the t-shirts section, after which you will be prompted to narrow down to the gender or the style you want. Once selected, you should be able to browse through the page and find what fits your preference. The website has filters that will enable you to find what you seek easily.

Once you have identified your desired t-shirts, click on the desired item and fill in specifications like size, colour, make, brand, and the number of pieces you want. After that, select the warehouse from which you will order.
Wordans is one of the trusted web stores across Canada regarding wholesale clothing. The quality and the pricing are very favourable.

Take a look at our wholesale apparel

Blank Shirts by Xavier
I thought these other ratings were just bots or whatever, but I can vouch that these shirts are awesome! I bought about 20 whites to just dye and give to my pals, they work awesome! They shrink no more than half an inch in my heat cycle on their first clean, and haven't shrunk since. Going to order more at one point, but definitely a steal at less than $3 a shirt.
Ms by Kerri gibbon
Love the colour
Great t-shirts by DarlingLittles
I love that I can order small quantities of good quality items
Great product by Laurie Livingston
I have ordered this product numerous times and it is great for my vinyl heat transfers. It is well made and great quality.
Polo Shirts by Judith Gillatt
Excellent quality and service. The polos fit perfectly.


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