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Men Headwear wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Canada

Are you looking for men headwear for yourself or your staff members? Well, look no further than Wordans. We are an online clothing and accessories shop that specializes in bulk orders. Since we do not have a minimum number imposed on our wholesale orders, we also accept retail. We know that finding men's headwear can be a tough expedition, especially when looking for variety. We've got you!

A Good Variety of Men Headwear to Choose From

We take variety very seriously, as it helps you get what you are looking for. Here are some categories you can shop by regarding men's headwear.


Headwear comes in different forms to suit different preferences. If you want something to keep your head warm during your morning runs, you will need something different from someone who wants to get to a corporate event. Some of the options for headwear you will find on Wordans include:

When buying the caps as a promotional item for your business, you need to mix up the styles so that each person gets a preferred style.


We also have different colours available for the headwear. Your choice will be influenced by your needs as well as theme colours. For instance, if your business is blue-themed and you are dressing your male workers, then blue headwear will suffice. With an excellent range of colours, we ensure you can get whatever works best for you.


What spells more sophistication than having your preferred brand? At Wordans, we appreciate brand loyalty and wouldn't want you to change yours for anything. As such, we strive to offer more variety from different brands so that you can get your desired look.

Additionally, having more brands helps you compare the headwear and know the most viable option. There could be two caps from two companies, but one will appeal more to you. Here are some brand names you can expect on our website:

Fabrics and Sizes

The two major factors that determine the wearer's comfort are size and fabric. All the headwear at Wordans is 2XL. With this determined, your next step is finding the ideal fabric.

The best thing about Wordans is that we stock different materials for our clients. We understand that these caps and beanies will be directly resting on the head, and some parts will even be in contact with the face. As such, we bring you a selection of materials so you can choose the ones you are most comfortable with. Our fabric list for men headwear includes the following:

Buy Men Headwear Cheap

At Wordans, we have the cheapest rates in the market. We aim to bring you the most affordable headwear and clothing without compromising the quality. While most people believe that cheap clothes are low quality, we prove them wrong and give you a bargain on quality.

Enjoy Customization on Your Blank Headwear

All the clothes and accessories at Wordans, including headwear, are blank and customizable. This means you can imprint them with anything you want, as they are blank canvases. You can use them for promotional events, corporate, and even groups such as your men's gym.

Place Your Order for Men Headwear Wholesale

Are you ready to place your men headwear bulk or retail order? We are here for you! As mentioned above, we cater to wholesale and retail customers by offering the cheapest rates. We make it better for bulk orders by offering them discounts so they can buy more headwear for less. Contact us today and make your bulk order!